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Why Your Fitness Tracker Might Be Hurting Your 2020 Goals

Warning: Unpopular Opinion Ahead.

In the modern world, the life of the typical human being (especially those blessed to live in America) is full of “first world convenience”. We aren’t hunter/gathers. We don’t spend hours churning butter, hand washing clothes, chopping down wood, or lugging water from the well. We have grocery stores (that even deliver your groceries!) and Amazon Prime. The emergence of technology and a dwindling supply of patience has made way to convenience after convenience all aimed at making life easier. Unfortunately, an easier life does not always equate to a healthier life.

Are Fitness Trackers Hurting Your Progress?

Fitness Trackers are banking on a very unhealthy mindset. “Getting your steps in” should not be considered your exercise for the day. Exercise, is exercise. Walking around throughout the course of your day should be just that…a part of your day. Parking far away from the door, always taking the stairs, playing with your kids, walking your dog…none of those should be categorized as exercise. Those are examples of living a healthy and active lifestyle. They are the absolute bare minimum and should be the starting point for everyone…not the goal.

If you are taking time for yourself everyday (or at least most days) to exercise, then a fitness tracker just isn’t necessary (for the purposes of making sure you are getting in enough movement). In very general terms, exercise should make you sweat, breath heavily, make your muscles ache and be sustained for no less than 30 minutes every day. For the majority, “getting your steps in” or even going for a walk, does not satisfy those requirements. Walking is a great place to start. But it’s just that, a starting point. You must demand more of yourself and your body if you want it to change (and want those changes to last).

Be careful of the mindset you approach your tracker with. Do not sell yourself short and do not anchor yourself to the bare minimum. Be active every day AND exercise. That is how you will achieve your goals, maintain your goals, and Live Your Success Story!

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