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New Year's Resolutions Cheatsheet

Bariatric surgery is just the start of the journey to a healthier life.
Prepare for your journey to success.

Disclaimer: New Years Resolutions are a little ridiculous. If you want to make a change, then make the change. Start right now. Waiting until a specific date in the future to improve yourself is simply justifying procrastination.

Every year people set out to make a change for the better by establishing some well intentioned New Year's Resolutions. Sadly, few stick to them. Look no further than gym memberships and attendance rate drops from January 1st to March 1st if you want empirical evidence. Excuses and an absense of motivation cause a lot of resolution casualties. But for those of you ready to make a change, and invest in yourself and your health...below are some helpful tips to keep in mind.

Pay yourself first.

Like the sage financial advice, you have to take care of yourself first. Life happens, and exercise is always the first thing chopped from the "to-do list". Avoid this by waking up early, and getting your exercise in before the day starts. Now your metabolism is racing, your mood is elevated, and your brain is primed and ready to go. What a great way to start the day!

Small steps, every day to build habits and reach success.

You just have to take the first step...and then another. It adds up over time, and I promise you will be blown away by the progress. But the underlying mechanism is what is often overlooked, and yet, so incredibly important. Everyday you take that step, you are creating a biological routine and establishing a healthy habit. And what's really exciting and encouraging, is that in time, your body will crave exercise. That's when the magic happens. Exercise won't feel like a chore or punishment, but a reward, a release, and an escape from the day. You will want to sweat, and push yourself, and actually look forward to being sore. And that's when your body will really begin to change!

Life happens.

Don't beat yourself up if you miss a day or two, or even a week. It will happen, accept it and move on. But you also have to be honest with yourself. Are you just making excuses? Or are you trying to make it work? You will know. And that's what separates the successful from unsuccessful. Health and exercise is not an all-or-none thing, and it's also not an accident; it's a deliberate choice. If you fall, get back up. Learn, make a plan to get up earlier, fit the exercise in, and be better. You can do it!

Give it time.

Physiological adaptations take time. After surgery your body will be in overdrive adapting to the physical changes. But as your body will adapts, weight loss will slow, and you must exercise. Any real changes to muscle takes over 6 weeks to occur! Initial gains in strength are almost all due to neuromuscular adaptation...simply put, your body learns how to do the movements. Give yourself time, and hopefully just knowing this will help keep you from getting discouraged. Get through those first 6-8 weeks and you will be amazed at your progress!


Everyone has them. Choose to be successful and find a way, or choose to blame your excuses. It's your choice.

Where to start?

Let's make this super simple. Move everyday. At least 20-minutes of activity. Here's how you should prioritize your workout time.

First 6-8 weeks:

Top Priority: Mobility/flexibility

Middle: Cardiovascular capacity

Lowest: Strength

8+ weeks:

Top Priority: Strength

Middle: Mobility/flexibility

Lowest: Cardiovascular capacity

Imagine this:

Your alarm goes off and you're exhausted, but you're motivated to be successful. So you get up. Luckily you invested in yourself with the Therapeutic Movement and Exercise System, so you don't even have to drive to the gym (which means you got to sleep in a little extra). You sip some water, and look at the training calendar to see what today's workout is. Again, time saved and confusion avoided because you don't have to plan out your workout and figure out how to maximize your effort. Your system does it all for you. You're just getting started so the workout consists of mostly mobility and flexibility movement to open your body, release tension, and help you move free of pain. 20 minutes later, you're done, and you feel...amazing, refreshed, and ready to conquer the day. No need to get back in the car and battle traffic, because you're already home. Tasks pile up throughout the day, but no need to worry about when you will get your exercise in, because you already did it! Fast forward three months. You had some rough times getting out of bed, but you pushed through it, and now your workouts are a little longer and a little harder, but after each feel incredible. You feel empowered and accomplished. Exercise is now a staple in your daily routine and a retreat from daily stress. Your body is stronger and you move without pain. You are living your own success story!

Get the year started with the Therapeutic Movement and Exercise System, now on sale!

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