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I don't have enough time to workout!

Everyone has the same 24 hours each day. Are you making the most of it?

If you can carry a conversation about the latest “must watch” show, but still don’t have time to exercise…then it is a matter of priority. If you have time for TV, you have time for exercise. Invest in yourself and the one body you have, that’s a decision you must make for yourself. A workout partner and all the motivational videos in the world cannot help until you internalize that decision. Start small, one foot in front of the other. Do it everyday and you will be amazed how far you have gone when you look back in a year. I promise.

Now, if you work two jobs and just don’t have the energy after working a double and then dealing with home life – cooking, kids, etc. – then let’s re-examine what exercise could or should look like to you. For starters, exercise should invigorate and empower you, not drain you. Yes, it will make you physically tired, but it should energize your mind and spirit. Eventually, it will give you more physical energy. Exercise can come in many forms, but it should still be done daily. On a particularly hard day of work/life, maybe exercise is a simple walk or a relaxing yoga session (there are plenty to be found on YouTube).

In time, exercise will not only improve your health, energy, and weight, but it will also be your therapy. Exercise will transform into your “happy place” and it will be the thing you turn towards to escape the stressors of life and recharge. Your goal should be to get to a place where your workout time is your protected time, for you.

Pro-tip: start your day with exercise before the competing priorities of the day overwhelm you. It will also boost your metabolism, mood, and brain functioning for the day!

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