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Find your WHY to crush your New Year's resolutions!

Crush your New Year's Resolutions

Another year has come and gone. Did you make the most of it? We are going to uncover the one thing that will help you accomplish all you are looking to achieve. Let’s look to a new beginning and a new decade with 2020!

The unfortunate truth is that only a small percentage of resolutions ever come to fruition. Let’s change that, starting with this new year and your goals! But how? How do we make sure you finish 2020 with a beaming smile of self confidence and accomplishment. Here’s the key…Find Your WHY.

Resolutions/goals rely on some sort of behavioral change to be successful, and that’s where the problems start. Let’s say your goal is to exercise regularly. Since you are not exercising routinely, your brain is currently hardwired to avoid exercise. Your brain likes the path of least resistance, and that easiest path is whatever your current habit is. The easy path is like a big, wide, smooth highway. The new habit – regular exercise – is like a narrow, rocky, uneven path littered with bushes and vines. It takes significant effort (and discipline) to take that path over the easy highway. This is part of what makes breaking habits and forming new habits so difficult. Your brain is literally fighting against you, and your goal. Even if that goal is “good” and healthy like exercising or quitting smoking, your body/your mind will fight you.

Enter your WHY. WHY is this particular goal important to you? WHY are you going to sacrifice and fight every day for it? You must find your WHY, and it must be strong. When you are waking up early, and working late, and sweating, and hurting, and sacrificing all in pursuit of your goal…that’s when the little voice will start creeping inside your head urging and pleading and compromising with you to quit. That voice is weakness, and it always finds a way in. There is only one thing that will silence it…the overpowering thunder of your WHY. In your darkest moments when you’re the most tired, that’s when your WHY matters the most. Your WHY will keep you on track and carry you to the finish. Find your WHY. Write down your WHY. Display your WHY. And obsess over your WHY. It won’t be easy, and you will stumble and fall. Your WHY will pick you up.

Here’s to a new year, a new decade, and a NEW YOU. Find your WHY and go Live Your Success Story.

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