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Get Started: Part 3 - What about Bodyweight Exercises?

Many consider bodyweight exercises (also called calisthenics) to be the king of all exercise modalities or methods. I would have to agree. Because, what is really more important than being able to move your own body? Isn't that the real point of all this exercise stuff ensure that your body is capable of doing anything you ask of it. Bodyweight exercises will make your muscles stronger, your joints more stable, improve your flexibility and mobility, all while building your cardiovascular capacity. What more do you need??

Almost every training session, if not every, should incorporate some sort of bodyweight exercise. However, because there is so much variability in the movement and potential modifications required, you don't want to jump right into the deep end. They are almost like free weights in that respect. So unless you have a trainer to help you, or are following along with our Therapeutic Movement and Exercise System that has all the details and modifications needed to safely and effectively perform the movement...I would still suggest starting with the machines. As discussed in Part 2, machines are a safe introduction for your body into strength training, as well as exercise in general, and a great way to build your overall confidence and kinesthetic awareness (mind-muscle connection).

As always, please reach out with any questions or comments. We love to hear how everyone is doing!

bodyweight exercises are the true test

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