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Bariatric Fitness Rx Training System

Surgery and diet alone will work in the first year, but any long term success with weight loss and weight management must be coupled with exercise.  There is simply no way around it.  But success is so much more than just a number on the scale, it's also the ability to move freely without your body holding you back because of limitations and pain.  Commit to yourself and live your own success story.  Welcome to the Bariatric Fitness Rx Training System.

Your Schedule. Your Pace. Your Success.

Featuring the only, at-home, complete fitness and mobility training program designed specifically for Bariatric patients, candidates, and those fighting obesity that limits daily movement and life. This includes exercises for anyone who has trouble getting down and up from the floor. Exercise is key to long term weight loss success, but not all exercise programs are safe or ideal for everyone. The BFRx programs take into consideration dietary restrictions, orthopedic concerns, muscular imbalances, and joint stress considerations. This program is also beneficial for beginners as it will gently ease you into exercise and provide a strong foundation on your fitness journey.

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 What's Included: 











4 month training system
Nine (9) challenging yet therapeutic workouts
Easy-to-follow training calendar
Designed to elicit maximum results while safely and gradually progressing regardless of your current fitness level, or movement restrictions. 

Invitation to join the private BFRx social community where you can engage with others like you on their journey and encourage one another, be held accountable, and receive exclusive content and educational material. 




Buy digital to stream or download workouts to your device or computer. 

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