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You can beat Father Time, here's how:

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

It’s inevitable, even though I like to think I have Peter Pan syndrome, the body still ages. Father Time attacks flexibility first, followed by strength, and finally your cardiovascular capacity. Obesity will exacerbate all of it, in both the speed and the degree to which it all occurs. Here’s the good news, you can combat all of it. To be successful, you will want to prioritize your training in that order: flexibility, strength, cardio. A note on flexibility because it is so often overlooked and misunderstood. Increasing your flexibility (mobility, range of motion, or any other associated term) will do two major things. First, and especially as you lose weight, your body will ache less. Being more flexible will allow you to open and reset your posture back to its “original state”. This is where your body wants to be, so it feels better. Second, you will help protect yourself from injury. Aside from traumatic injuries, one of the major causes (if not the #1) of musculoskeletal injury is due to the body being too “tight”. Think of your muscles like rubber bands. As we age, if you don’t continuously stretch your rubber bands, they dry up, and brittle, and will snap if stretched. If you are too tight, your body doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room to account for any slips or reaches in movement.

What’s the takeaway? As you progress on your weight loss and fitness journey, do not neglect your flexibility. And never ever stretch a “cold” muscle. Meaning, don’t walk into the gym and just start stretching first or show up to the park for a walk and begin with stretches. A good rule of thumb, if you aren’t sweating, don’t stretch yet.

Don't let Father Time win, improve your flexibility and mobility.

If you increase your flexibility and range of motion, your body will feel better and you will protect yourself from injury in the long run. One last amazing thing about flexibility and mobility training, it’s therapeutic! You will feel better immediately! Have you adopted frequent stretching into your training? Comment and let us know! #liveyoursuccessstory #bariatricfitnessrx #bariatrics #wls #bariatricexercise #bariatrichealth

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